Benefit of Document Management System Procore ?

We have entered a new era. This era is all about technology. The old management methods are now being digitized in every field; the same is happening in construction. Procore document management is a special software developed to keep the construction documentation simple and hassle-free and aims to enhance the relationship between co-workers.

An Introduction To Procore

 You might be someone related to the construction field and just landed here to find the ease of work. Do not worry. You are at the right place. We will introduce Procore Document Management to you. It is one of the best cloud storage software developed for construction firms and companies. It wipes off the fuss of handling documents on construction sites. The enormous features aim to add up to the users’ convenience and enhance the interaction of construction site employees with the firm and with each other.

Simply Procore is a CRM that allows users to distribute the client’s data to the construction officials and aid them in building the plan of action aiming to complete the project according to the client’s requirement while keeping an eye on the quality and maintaining the budget.

What Procore Offers?

 Procore is not only simple cloud storage; it comes with some premium features, making it the top mark among all construction software. Here you go with a sneak peek of features offered by Procore.

ERP System

 You can call Procore your personal AI construction assistant with a developed ERP system. It works on real-time data information. It helps continue the project after compiling the possibilities while keeping the budget in view. The built-in account management system makes a plan of action and enhances the team’s decision-making power by predicting the results.

Unlimited Data Storage

 Unlike other cloud systems, Procore does not charge you for a certain data limit. You can store unlimited data in it, including the account sheets, maps, sets of instructions, and all other such informational data. You only have to pay Procore for an annual subscription. Once you subscribe to a plan, everything you store is for free. There are no limitations on how many gigabytes or terabytes of memory you use in the Procore cloud.

One-Touch Document Access

 It is hard to find a safe place to keep all the documents on a construction site. Procore has modernized the process. With the Procore cloud software, you can easily access all the documents with just one click. You can access them standing anywhere but only if you are granted access to the related documents.

Quick Sharing

 Document sharing is not a problem anymore. You can share all the data you want to share with just one click. There are certain features in the software to set the document privacy. Your document will be communicated to a certain selected audience for privacy purposes.

With the versatile privacy features, you can make your team with extended team members maintain privacy for the documents. Using this feature, you can share all your documents with viewership control.

Easy File Uploading

 The software can access all your devices, either a cell phone or a desktop device. You can upload your documents manually or email them to a specific email address to transfer them into the cloud.

If you have any questions about what kind of files the cloud Procore supports. Here you go with a list of supported formats.

  • Microsoft Word ( Docx, doc, etc. )
  • PDF Files
  • All Image Files, including JPEG, Bitmap, Gif, and PNG.
  • MP4 Files
  • Rich Text Format
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel Files ( Xls) But you cannot transfer the xlsx format.

Document Linking Feature

 The most premium feature construction companies enjoy with Procore is document linking. The document relating feature allows the user or the administration to attach all the co-related documents. The example means a picture can be connected to a map and an RDF file as they have the same set of information in it.

Secure Information Storage

 Procore is a software developed to keep all your documents secure. It is very hard for an invader to reach your documents with fingertip security technology. Besides all this, it is impossible to lose precious documentation with multiple backup systems. If you lose the documents from your part of the software, do not worry; there are multiple backups available that you can access after a few simple security steps.

Advanced Controls Of Procore

 All of the above are some of the basic features of the Procore software, yet you can also enjoy some of the premium document controls by the software. Here you go with a sneak peek of the premium features.

High-End Team Management

 The software allows updating the team options so that no one is left behind to reach the necessary information. It also keeps you updated about software security, so there is always a line between what an employee should know and what should be hidden from them from a single set of information.

Besides all these, you can also compare an older document with a newer one, such as maps or diagrams, as they are set side by side in the software and automatically spot the difference.


 If you are a construction person and find it hard to maintain proper documentation, Procore is something specially designed for you. It keeps you updated with the real-time progress and makes some worthy suggestions to maintain the quality of your work. It is secure and budget-friendly, with unlimited storage access to keep all your documents safe. It aims to build a competent team by sending necessary documents only to whom they are concerned. You can say it as an AI assistant for your construction job.

Switch to Procore for a real-time quality construction business experience.

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