Sunny Dhunna has 5-plus years of experience using Omega 365 Pims Document Management Software (EDMS). He worked in different industries including Mining Industry, Construction Industry, Infrastructure Projects. He has implemented Omega 365 PIMS, Document Management System from beginning to end. He has worked on 1 billion to 11 billion Projects. And Managed Staff of people 5-10 under his supervision 

List of Projects he used Omega 365 Pims

  • Transmountain Project (Joint Venture Kiewit & Ledcor Energy) Vancouver, BC,Canada
  • Meg Energy (Christina Lake Project) Fort MacMurray AB, Canada
  • Pink Hand (Nuclear Power Plant) Tarapur Atomic Power Station (T.A.P.S.) India

What are the Features of Document Management
Software Omega 365 Pims?

  • Document register
  • Contractor Interface
  • Document review and approval
  • Document production
  • Correspondence
  • Report

                 1. Document register

  • Document Control’s document register contains all internal and vendor documents for the project
  • The register contains metadata, such as discipline, system, tags, and equipment.
  • In addition to retaining revisions for a document, the system also ensures that the end user is able to retrieve the latest revision. With the appropriate permissions, previous revisions can be accessed. The browser can be used by end users to access documents via mobile devices 
  • It is possible to store both original CAD drawings and PDF conversions in revisions.
  • Documents can be automatically numbered based on predefined rules specifying the type of document. Contractors’ document IDs are also retained for reference. 

                2. Contractor Interface 

  • Vendors can upload documents using the browser. Automatic validation is run first to remove invalid information. The documents are made available in the main document register when Document Control approves them. 
  • Based on a template defined by Document Control, contractors can request document Identification Numbers by submitting Excel spreadsheets containing document information. 
  • It is possible for contractors to access project documents via web pages (e.g. return of review comments or informational documents). 
  • Other media can be used to retrieve contractor documents, and Document Control can batch import them. 

                3. Document review and approval 

  • A distribution matrix is defined to distribute at various levels, and documents are efficiently distributed for review or approval. 
  • The document controller can easily identify documents that have been updated and are ready to be reviewed. 
  • An email is sent to the reviewer with links to the review area (also available as a web page),where the reviewer/Approver can make markups directly in the document, provide basic text comments, or perform a markup, scan, and upload the document. comments, or perform a markup, scan, and upload the document.
  • External parties can access the transmittal using the browser without installing any applications or plugins. 
  • On an ongoing basis, document controllers maintain an overview of all reviews; delays can be identified by the system 

                4. Document production 

  • Document Control ensures documents are produced with a consistent layout as required by the project 
  • In order to create documents, Microsoft Office templates can be used. These templates are standard Microsoft Office documents and can be easily modified to suit project needs. Standard document information for example Document ID, document revision etc., is automatically assigned when creating new documents. 
  • Merging and converting documents to PDF is possible.
  • Document numbers are automatically generated by the system based on predefined numbering systems
  • A distribution matrix can be used to define distribution to external Contractors, review, and approval.

                5. Correspondence 

  • Emails, invoices, project letters, and other correspondence can be tracked using Document Control.
  • Emails can be dragged and dropped from Outlook and it is easy to store email information that is related to the project information 
  • Correspondence identification numbers can be automatically generated based on the project’s numbering scheme. 
  • The system makes it easy to search for information based on numbers text or attribute metadata. Users can also follow correspondence threads. 
  • Correspondence can be distributed throughout the internal project team.

                6. Reports 

  • Reports provided by Document Control provide key information to the Project team.
  • The following reports are available:
  • Overview of review status
  • Overdue reports
  • Plans for document delivery
  • Status of progress
  • Lists of documents
  • Lists of transmittals
  • It is easy to filter and configure the reports to meet the needs of the project.

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