Vendor Document Management

Vendor Document Management

There are unique metadataused in Vendor Document Control
Sunny Dhunna has worked with the following Vendor types
  • SDRL codes,
  • Multiple document numbers (supplier, project, sub-vendor),
  • Equipment Tags,
  • Documents related to purchases
  • MR generation from BOMs and MTOs automatically;
  • Management of purchasing surpluses;
  • Material Requisition Management (MR);
  • Purchasing Requests (PRs) for construction shortages;
  • Controlling the flow of information between engineering designs and purchasing packages;
  • Creating supporting documents is a skill.
  • Documents provided by vendors
  • Control the scope of engineering for each PO within Vendor Document Lists (VDLs);
  • Internal review and workflow documents from the vendor;
  • Using VDR, receive and control vendor transmittals and documents;
  • Engineering progress calculations by vendors;

It is difficult to control the effects of these changes in medium or large projects with spreadsheets or manual methods because documents change at every stage, even after construction. Many of these changes may result in changes in the Bill of Materials and the Purchase Lists.

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