Process Management

Process &Workflow Management

Sunny Dhunna has designed multiple procedures and workflows in different industries. Sunny Dhunna has extensive experience in Issuing and Receiving Transmittal and Documents using EDMS.
He has created
Distribution Matrix
  • Sunny Dhunna has helped Suncor Energy Canada to create a distribution company-wiseidentified the person responsible for receiving the information
Implementation of document control Procedure
  • Sunny Dhunna was Responsible for the implementation of document control, coordinating with each project manager procedures established by the company TC Energy
Automate the Processes
  • Sunny Dhunna has helped Ledcor to automate the processes using VBA Macros and excel formulas, this has helped the company to reduce the time for each process and increase efficiency. Worked on creating processes for Pipeline industries.
  • Sunny Dhunna has processed inspection documents and drawings, sending them to concerned inspectors.
External Flow of Documentation
  • Sunny Dhunna has done Overseeing and processing of incoming and outgoing documentation including design, vendor, and subcontract documentation
  • Sunny Dhunna has Createdand provided all types of reports on document control processing as requested by project managers, leads and others electing, planning, organizing, and directing document control personnel in different projects.
Transmittals and Distributions Information
  • Sunny Dhunna has collected and distributed information on the status of each project (progress, estimated and actual man-hours, revisions of deliverables, curves and project indicators).Created, logged and filed transmittals on EDMS
Work instructions
  • Sunny Dhunna has Developed and implemented project-specific processes and procedures (including document Efficiency and/or numbering conventions).
Increase Efficiency
  • Sunny Dhunna is an expertin the development of improved document flows to reduce timelines in processing document transfers.
Regular Updates
  • Sunny Dhunna has Supported the Project Manager by frequently updating the critical timeline of the latest submittal of construction drawings from clients.
Construction Work Package (CWP)
  • Sunny Dhunna has prepared and distributed drawing packages, construction binders, field execution plans and data books, entering documentation into the records retention database.
  • Sunny Dhunna has Ensured accurate drawing packages are prepared for production.

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