Mclaren Idox

Sunny Dhunna has 4-plus years of experience using Mclaren (ECM) idox Document Management Software (EDMS). He worked in different industries including Mining Industry, Construction Industry, Infrastructure Projects. He has implemented Mclaren (ECM) Document Management System from beginning to end. He has worked on 1 billion to 11 billion Projects. And Managed Staff of people 5-10 under his supervision
List of Projects he used Mclaren (ECM)
  • Meg Energy (Christina Lake Project) Fort MacMurray AB, Canada
  • Project Oil Sands-Albian Sands, Shell Fort Mcmurrey Alberta, Canada
McLaren Enterprise
Solutions for on-premises deployments
Designed for efficient, compliant asset management and project management.
Within your own IT infrastructure, you need control over the security of your systems.
We offer on-premise solutions designed to meet the customers requirement in industries such as oil & gas, energy, and other industries worldwide, backed by our heritage and expertise in developing document and project management systems
  • Works with IBM FileNet P8 and OpenText Documentum ECM
  • Processes and document categories that follow best practices out of the box
  • Integrated operations processes and end-to-end workflows
  • Optimized document control for complex, concurrent engineering changes
  • Integration of CAD software with client applications
  • Turnkey implementation capability for fast, enterprise-wide implementation
  • Used in a wide range of industries, including power and utilities, transportation,
    and construction
For asset intensive energy and utility companies, FusionLive simplifies management and control of an overwhelming volume of engineering data through Engineering Information Management.

1.Oil & Gas

Optimize operational efficiency
With FusionLive, you can improve safety, reduce rework, shorten turnaround times, and minimise shutdowns in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. With a single, secure cloud environment for all documents, global supply chains and multiple stakeholders can collaborate more efficiently on increasingly complex projects. With easy information retrieval and delivery of up-to-date engineering information to remote maintenance teams, operations are optimised and safety compliance is maintained.
With accurate document version control and easy access to asset information, maintenance can be done more efficiently, resulting in safer and more profitable operations. Keeping a reliable audit trail of documents throughout the lifecycle of assets ensures compliance with government security and safety regulations.

2. Construction

Timely completion of projects
In the construction industry, where complex tendering processes, increasing compliance and regulatory pressures, and tough penalties for overruns are common, FusionLive is the ideal tool for Engineering Information Management
Contractors can maintain a competitive edge by speeding up project delivery and reducing project costs with efficient document management.
With a cloud-based platform, multiple sources of information can be consolidated in one location to support faster project commissioning, enable collaboration, and track changing specifications and requirements efficiently.

3. Transport & Infrastructure

Facilitate better collaboration
With FusionLive, transport and infrastructure companies can handle large volumes of documentation, coordinate multiple project partners, and manage complex capital projects more efficiently.
Contractors can deliver on time by having easy access to accurate, up-to-date information via a secure cloud-based platform.
Compliance with regulatory and (increasingly strict) health and safety requirements relies on efficient document control and clear document trails.

4. Nuclear

Streamline document management
Nuclear operators can transform and modernise engineering document management and manage complex design files efficiently with FusionLive.
By automating tag extraction, accurate tag-to-document relationships are maintained, and up-to-date information is available to support maintenance and upgrades to plant and equipment in accordance with design and safety requirements.
FusionLive supports rigorous processes and ensures accurate documentation for licensure and approvals, as well as making sure data is readily accessible for accident, safety, and environmental reports.

5. Renewables

Delivery speed of projects
FusionLive’s cloud-based engineering document management solution is ideal for enabling the fast-growing renewables sector to keep up with demand and drive efficiency across remote solar and wind farms.
With smart project dashboards, you can keep track of potential issues and bottlenecks across multiple sites using the cloud-based platform.

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