Sunny Dhunna has many years of experience using Procore Document Management Software (EDMS). He worked in different industries including Mining Industry, Construction Industry, Infrastructure Projects. He has implemented Procore Document Management System from beginning to end. He has worked on 1 billion to 11 billion Projects. And Managed Staff of people 5-10 under his supervision 


List of Projects he used TeamBinder (In Eight)


  • Meg Energy (Christina Lake Project) Fort MacMurray AB, Canada 


Component of Document Management System 

  1. Directory 

You control everyone's digits.

  • Store and Share Unlimited Contacts
  • Customize Notifications
  • Tool-Based Permissions
  • Role-Based Permissions


  1. Reports Management

Detailed insights to help you analyze every aspect.

  • One Source of Truth
  • Custom Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Sharing
  • Easily Export Report Data
  • Enhanced Reporting for Financial Management


  1. Transmittals Management

Keep your important documents safe.

  • Attach Related Project Information
  • Customize Branding
  • Export to PDF or .CSV Formats


  1. Documents Management

Digital documents don't lose anything.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Add and Manage File Metadata
  • Automated Permissions with Groups
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Integrated Review
  • Common Data Environment 


  1. Specifications Management 

Save time and accomplish more with intelligent specification management.

  • Increase Field Productivity
  • Work Off Current Specs
  • Organize Without Hassle
  • Find Specs Within Seconds


  1. Schedule Management

Save time and accomplish more with Intelligent Specification Management.

  • Never Work Off of Outdated Schedules
  • Customizable Views and Filtering
  • Digital Schedule Lookaheads
  • Advanced Filtering and Searching
  • Integrate Your Schedule with Procore's Project Management Tools


  1. Tasks Management

Organize and manage general project tasks.

  1. Submittals 

Make sure your projects aren't sunk by inaccuracy.

  • Keep Your Team in the Loop on a Submittal Status
  • Mark up and Stamp Submittals Directly in the Platform
  • Quickly Locate a Submittal


  1. Meetings 


  • Stay Organized
  • Track Meeting Details and Assign Action Items
  • Create a Record of Your Meetings

Organize and manage all aspects of your project meetings.

  1. RFIs Management

Software for reminding, recording, and removing excuses.

  • Close RFIs Faster via Email
  • Record a History of All RFIs
  • Quickly Turn a RFI into an Action
  • Link Relevant Information to an RFI


  1. Drawings Management 

Markers, scissors, sticky notes, and tape won't be needed for revisions.

  • Permission to Do More: Granted
  • Save Time with OCR Technology
     Automatically Split Drawing Sets
  • Manage Drawings by Area
  • Mark Up Drawings
  • Eliminate Version Confusion
  • Access Drawings on Mobile Devices
  • Avoid Rework with Comparisons


  1. Project Photos Management

You can capture your questions, skills, and results in a snap.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Control Who Sees What
  • Easily Upload Photos
  • Photo Linking


  1. Daily Log Management

Document everything that needs to be reported.

  • Record Weather Conditions
  • Integrate With Your Schedule
  • Customize to Fit Your Needs
  • Archive Your Data


  1. Project Email Tracking 

Get all the information you need in your inbox.

  • Manage Emails from One Place
  • Search Filters
  • Use Your Existing Email Account
  • Drag and Drop


  1. Punch list , Deficiency List Management

Streamline construction with deficiency list software.

  1. Timesheet ,Timecard 

Time tracking for the project management team that is fast and accurate.

  1. Correspondence 

Communicate critical information about any project.

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