Procore – A Technical Overview

The world has changed for the better during the pandemic. Things have moved towards the virtual level more than physical aspects. Construction companies have been working on the old norms for years, but now things have changed. Construction management is now much easier with the Procore Construction Management Software. Here is a technical overview of the features that Procore offers, so it becomes easier for you to evaluate what Procore can do to make construction management more convenient.

 License Plan

 Procore comes with easy and pocket-friendly license plans. It offers a yearly subscription. Once you buy a license, you can manage multiple projects with just a few clicks. Not only numerous projects, but you can also enjoy adding all your team to one software just in one subscription. All the management and the team communication is now just one click away with the support of an internet device. Every participant can easily log in by their device.

 Secure Dashboard System

 Once you start working on a project in Procore, it creates a specific dashboard with all the stored information. But that does not mean that every part of the information is visible to every project participant. Procore allows you to create a specific dashboard for every member with only a particular data set. Procore comes with some built-in tools; you can turn on or off any device for a user according to the requirements.

 Real-Time Progress Management

 Procore is a real-time construction management software. All you have to do is enlist all the progress of the project and the detail of the budget. The software will automatically evaluate the information and predict the progress. The application shows the improvement in the form of a chart. If there is more green part in the flow chart, the project is moving towards the completion within the estimated budget and is profitable. If the project fails, the software will automatically provide tips to control the loss, which you can follow as a backup.

 Updated Activity

 Whenever you update a activity on the software such as a new drawing or any such document appears on the dashboard. This feature keeps the whole team updated from any changes made in the project. Besides this, an open item feature is also added to the dashboard, allowing the team member to notice a recent activity that an owner wants the team to catch.

 Ease Of Use

 Things in Procore are kept simple and easy. Every feature is available on the dashboard. Procore features allow easy document-making and management much easier. A single click gives you access to your document and the ability to make any change. Both the original and edited documents or maps are available side to side to add up in the convenience of comparing the differences. You can learn how to use Procore in just a few days. It is easy to operate and convenient to handle.

 The Procore is available on the Web and can also be installed on devices like cell phones and tablets. With the Procore application, it is easy to use the software with a mobile phone or other such devices. You can click a picture on the spot and share it with the architect or engineer.


 Whenever you are in a problem and want to ask for information, procore helps you to do so. All you have to do is to scroll to the area you want to ask a question about and mark it. A dialogue box will appear on the screen. Voice type the query and add the picture of the area’s current situation. The Procore dialogue box is attached to Email services like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. The recipient receives the question via email and answers your query, which you can see in your dialogue box. This is how it is easy to update the RFIs in the Procore application. This feature makes it much easier to have all the updated information while standing on the construction site.

 Information Access

 You can call Procore your personal AI construction assistant. It can provide you with information about any aspect of the project. All you have to do is to upload the PDF to the application. The software will scan the file in the background. Once you have done uploading the application, you can now search for the required information anytime using the appropriate keyword. The built-in ORI technology will automatically display the related information.

 Exclusive Tools

 Procore comes with some exclusive tools to make your job easier. Here is a bit detailed view of some highlighted tools.

 Change an Event is a special tool used in Procore. The tool helps to tackle potential cost issues caused by high-priced items. Suppose a supervisor finds an article in the construction material that might cause a disturbance in the budget. In that case, he directly takes the picture in the change events tool that the PM sees sitting in the office and sends proper guidance to the incharge supervisor.

 Daily Log is another tool used by the contractors. Using this tool, the team uploads the daily information as guided by the manager on an hourly basis. This allows the project officials to keep an eye on the daily progress of the construction process. You can also add pictures of completed work in the Daily Log. The daily log contains all the information, including the human resources, types of equipment, and the material used.

 Inspection Tool is another pro tool used in the Procore Software. The supervisors mostly use the tool. This tool has a different type of inspection, either an equipment inspection or a progress inspection. This is a safe method to replace your paper checklist or a notepad diary.

 As a wrap-up, Procore is a construction tool that comes with all the features one can think of. It is easy to use yet pocket friendly. You can do all the multiple projects handling in a few clicks.






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