Importance of Electronic Document management system in the Pipeline industry


I have been a Field (Site) Document Controller for the pipeline project of North Montney Mainline Project (NMML) Transcanada  and On Tranmountain Pipeline  in Vancouver Canada. On this project, I have worked on creating processes for Pipeline industries, document control processes, and implementing new document control tools. Currently, I am handling a project as a Senior Document Control Specialist from 2019 till date for the Trans Mountain Pipeline 2 Billion Project. I manage Document Control staff and ensure adequate resourcing according to the project demands.

Many businesses are still caught in the paper age regarding regulated paperwork. When establishing electronic document management systems (EDMS), there are typically major technical, financial, and operational challenges to overcome. Still, there are also considerable benefits to be enjoyed once these systems are in place. And hiring an Information management specialist becomes helpful, especially in the pipeline industry.


An EDMS allows you to produce, edit, process, update and save documents in the picture, video, and audio formats in addition to text. It unifies scanning, printing, and storing functions and provides a single view of all documents. One of the most significant advantages of a well-designed EDMS is that it interfaces with other programmes, such as your enterprise’s ERP and CRM, allowing you to automate document-related operations.


Document Creation: On the EDMS, you may create a new document or import files such as scanned documents, emails, mobile applications, or web pages.

Document Indexing: Searchability is an important quality that makes it easier to locate documents. The quality of search results is improved by indexing them by labelling them with phrases. Therefore, the manager or stakeholders who require to access the document can quickly locate it without difficulty.

Document Controller: The search tool should be strong and capable of searching via the document file name, content, metadata, and complex filters. It should be able to locate an appropriate picture, audio, or video file.

Document Security: Your records must be safeguarded from prying eyes and unlawful access. As a result, it should be secure, with access restricted to those who need to see them due to their job or function in the business.

Customization: An EDMS should be tailored to the business’s specific needs, as not all document management requirements are the same. You can customize the EDMS according to the pipeline industry. A Document Control Supervisor can facilitate this change.


An EDMS automates your document management workflow. Let me provide you with four reasons why your pipeline industry requires an EDMS. These are as follows:

Increased Productivity: As we all know, in the Pipeline Industry, no matter how carefully you file your paperwork, getting all of your staff to follow the system when they have more important issues to deal with might be difficult. Not being able to find the document you require may impact your productivity and cause you to waste time that could be better spent focused on your core skill. It is made possible by an Electronic Document Management System. And an information management specialist can keep your papers neatly organized and easily searchable, minimizing the time required to locate a document.

Cost Savings: Manual document storage is an expensive endeavor in more ways than one. You’ll need storage space, shelves, and time to file them properly, and a lot of manpower is required to maintain them. As the quantity of documents grows, so will the amount of storage space required. Destroying outmoded papers is a process in and of itself, needing someone to sift through them and then manage the garbage created. The cost of the paper is extra. Any damage to the structure has the potential to destroy your documents. An electronic system, particularly one hosted on the cloud, requires less space and costs less to purchase and manage. Your papers will remain protected even in the event of a disaster. It will decrease your cost, and also you will be stress-free.

As the pipeline industry involves multiple sites on which different projects have been going on a daily basis, it becomes costly for the pipeline industry to manage all these documents from various locations. But an electronic document management system can act as a site controller document and store all the site’s data in one place.

Compliance has improved: In a pipeline industry, you have to follow a lot of compliance like the factories act, minimum wages act etc. also, traceability of changes is just as important as producing a document and then removing it when it becomes obsolete. Even digital storage in several files and folders may be a headache without an electronic document management solution. Even regulatory entities are now requesting electronic document submissions. The entire compliance procedure is simplified with an EDMS. It is also simple to incorporate regulatory regulations into an electronic filing system rather than physically changing all necessary papers every time a change occurs.

Legacy files have an expiry date as well. It is also simpler to delete files that are no longer needed. You may just set the date and receive an alert.

Improved Business Protection: Every industry, including the pipeline industry, which has a lot of sensitive data, is continually threatened by the prospect of a data breach. Your papers include essential financial, commercial, and stakeholder information that must be safeguarded. A document management system protects such papers with security measures such as encryption and role-based access.


I believe you have come to know how the Electronic Document Management System automates the complete document workflow, from drafting new papers to reviewing, publishing, categorizing, and storing them in a single repository in the Pipeline industry. Having handled the projects mentioned above as a Field (Site) Document Controller and Senior Document Control Specialist, I suggest you implement an EDMS in the pipeline industry to manage your documents effortlessly. You can automate your approval, review, and change management procedures, resulting in a single version of the truth that is readily identifiable and cross-referenced.

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